The piece of advice that I’ve heard most often from writers is very simple. Just write! However it doesn’t feel quite so simple in practice. I find it hard to make time to sit and write and turn my ideas into something more concrete. I find classes really help to give me structure if I know have to have a certain amount done I’ll sit down to write and that’s really half the battle.  The best thing I’ve found about classes though is the energy in the room and the ideas working collaboratively can bring.

I recently went for some classes at Oldham Coliseum Theatre where the end goal is to have written an original play as a group. I found I came out of the classes invigorated and bubbling with ideas. Before we started the class I had a conversation with another girl and we discussed how we were worried we wouldn’t be able to come up with any ideas if put on the spot. However thankfully we started with an exercise which lessened the pressure. We were asked to think of our favourite painting then imagine we were inside it and pay attention to all the senses. From there we had to design a set based on what we picked up from the painting. The next step was then to use the set to come up with ideas for a play that would be performed on it. At this point I stumbled a little as the painting I picked was starry night so I thought of my stage as being empty and quiet which would make for a pretty poor play. However I moved on and came up with a few ideas and developed my strongest one. Everyone else did the same and then we shared our ideas together. The exercise worked particularly well as we didn’t know what the next step was going to be so we didn’t over think.

I am currently writing a script for university so am writing fairly consistently I am hoping to keep this up after the structure and deadlines have finished. I also think I will have to look into more writing classes to find more inspiration and meet other like minded people.


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