Black Mirror is one of those TV shows that fully grabs my attention, within 5 minutes I’m too absorbed to even think about checking my phone. Over the last few weeks I have watched the most recent series with my friends and loved every one of them. It was the first time I had watched episodes for the first time with other people while it was great to collectively freak out about how good an episode had been it did bring one major problem. None of us wanted to talk over it and miss anything but we all wanted to try and prove ourselves guessing what was going to happen, something we were rarely successful in doing.

I enjoyed all the episodes and all made for great watching but here is a quick rundown of how I rated them. Spoilers ahead

Shut up and Dance

Best Parts:

Kenny turning the gun on himself in the fight. It felt like the solution I would opt for in that situation to avoid having to kill someone else. It is therefore really interesting that when the gun doesn’t work Kenny goes on to brutally fight and kill the other man to avoid pain.

A throwaway moment when a pedestrian nearly gets hit by the car because he is on his phone not paying attention to the road. Showing the everyday dangers of technology in this much bigger story.

Worst Part:

The fact it is revealed until the end that Kenny is a paedophile. While it’s a good twist it left me confused for the rest of the episode as to why Kenny was going to such lengths to avoid the video getting out.

Nose Dive

Best parts:

This idea of the future with people placing so much importance on how they are viewed on social media doesn’t feel so different to our own.

The airport staff member played by Michaela Coel. Her performance was brilliantly funny.

Worst part:

The speech at the end felt a little too manic. I felt it could have been somewhat more understated as I believe in the reality that had been set up people would of voted her down for much less than waving a knife around.

Play Test

Best parts:

The way it delves into someone’s deepest fears and how their true fears are the more realistic ones like losing someone you love.

Worst Parts:

Can’t think of one!

San Junipero

Best Parts:

Both central women’s backstories. The idea that Yorkie finally gets to live in death is incredibly moving as is Kelly’s “survivors” guilt over her daughter not being able to live on with her.

Two gay women getting a happy ending and being able to live forever. (Read my previous post to see why this is a favourite part)

Worst Part:

Again can’t think of one, only that I would loved more 90’s 00’s to feed my own nostalgia.

Men Against Fire

Best Parts:

The central idea of dehumanising people to justify unfairness and war is incredibly powerful and unfortunately feels all too familiar.

The episode ending with Stripe adorned with medals, it’s saddening to think of how many people he must of killed to receive them, especially when in reality he would’ve wanted to protect them.

Worst part:

The visions of the girl confused me, I wasn’t sure who she was supposed to be or what she was supposed to represent.

Hated in the Nation

Best parts

The seemingly innocent and good invention of the bees being weaponised and abused by both the criminal and the government.

One of the police team putting the name of the criminal into the “death to” hashtag.

The meeting in the boardroom when the minister was trying to get himself off the top of the “death to” list.

Worst parts

None! At least not that I can think of, hence why it’s at the top of the list.


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